The Kelburn Practice

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Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient confidentiality will be respected at all times by doctors, staff and other health professionals involved in your care.

The Kelburn Practice will not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, medical condition, sexuality, religion, race or
other cultural preferences or beliefs.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of the aims of your treatment, likely outcomes and possible side effects.

Patients with urgent medical conditions will be given priority or be seen as soon as possible, even when this may cause delay to booked appointments.

Your responsibilities as a patient

Patients should inform us of any changes in personal details as soon as possible. We ask that only house visit requests are made for patients who cannot attend the surgery and that non-urgent telephone calls are not made during the peak busy times in the mornings. Please cancel appointments you cannot attend or no longer need – somebody else is always waiting.

Please be prepared to give additional information to practice staff when requested. Additional information will only be requested when it is necessary for a doctor to make a proper decision on how to proceed.

Please treat our staff with respect.  It is not acceptable to be rude or offensive to the staff even when you are under pressure. Examples of unacceptable behaviour are: threats or threatening behaviour, harassment, alarm or distress.